Hey, I’m Clara!

An Ohio girl, born and raised – I love sharing knowledge and tips to help men, women, and couples create thriving lives and intimate relationships. My path to today has been fun-filled, love-filled and challenged-filled (and maybe a little heartbreak-filled) – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My numerous heartbreaks in college, my late one-night stands while experimenting with adulthood, my multiple loving relationships I thought was destined for ever-after (but didn’t materialize), helping to build and prepare me for a stable, happy and successful marriage – all those steps brought me here.

To my own little corner of the world where I’m in a loving relationship with my family and can share tips for stronger relationships.

After years spent attending the most gorgeous weddings ever as Maid-Of-Honors, friends, and even as a relative, mine eventually came to pass.

My crazy heart always seems to know where I should go next – and here I am, ready to take on my next love adventure but this time it’s the internet (instead of my husband). There’s no looking back.

I started Love Atmosphere as a fun way to share my knowledge and experiences with dating, heartbreaks, love and marriage.

I live in the Oakwood suburb region of Dayton in Ohio with my husband of 14 years, Jeremy, my 12-year old twins, James and John, and our golden retriever Charlie.


The Reason Why

I believe in love; in the simple things. The little moments in between the big moments. I am an old soul with a child’s disposition married to my best friend.

We have a 12-year old twins and a golden retriever, Charlie, and we are all obsessed with him in a big way. Our little home by the water in Oakwood is our dream come true, our haven and a constant work in progress.

Our wedding day is still one of my favorite days of my life, it was magic but holding my twins in my arms was mystical.

Helping other couples is my drug and I feel lucky every day that I got to help so many couples through the inception of Love Atmosphere. I hope I never stop helping, solving problems and inspiring other couples. That’s what is important.


All recommendations featured on this blog are a true representation of my opinions.


Questions? Comments? Interested in collaborating? Contact me!